Yessir, that's right.
I'm Tim Lukian.

Professionally, I'm a multidisciplinary technology "git'er'done" guy... which in practical terms means that I'm roughly equal-parts user experience designer, art director, graphic designer, type junkie, web developer, project manager, and general problem solver. For the gory details, you can peruse my LinkedIn profile.

I wear all of these hats, and more, at my design & web solutions company, Tunaheart Creative.

When I'm not wearing any of those hats, I'm usually found in one of my other roles as a husband, father, musician, photographer, VW Westfalia owner/traveller, and general all-around mechanical and electronics tinkerer extraordinaire.

I live and work and play in Vancouver, B.C.

So what's with "Rubbersuit?"

I've been asked that for years, and folks are generally asking either out of a sense of genuine bafflement or suspicion of curious clothing kinks. Truth is, I've been known to get fixated on fairly random stuff. For a short while back in around 2000, that 'stuff' was the textile neoprene (what wetsuits are made from). I thought it to be pretty nifty, and had an idea in my head that I wanted to have a motorcycle-style jacket tailored out of it.

While it was on my mind, I happened to be fishing around for a domain name to hang my shingle on, and eventually settled on ''. This wound up fitting nicely with's eventual—if temporary—use as my surf/travel blog in 2003/2004. Ultimatley it's kind of stuck with me like a good pair of boots.